About Us

The Elite Leaders

Who We are

The Elite Leaders (TEL) is a group of global forward-thinking  entrepreneurs and professionals with one simple mission; to become a leader in fast-growing world of network marketing and to help as many people achieve the same goal along the way.

The fastest way to success in network marketing is to improve the people that you’re spending time with. Bonding and associating with people who are a positive influence can help you go where you want to go in life. You will generally think how they think, go where they go, do what they do, your interests are gonna be similar, and your ambitions are gonna be similar.

By joining our team backed up with the fastest growing network marketing company in the world with a proven system, you’ll be in business for yourself but not by yourself! Our leaders have decades of experience in entrepreneurship and network marketing and we’re here to help professional, business-minded, and self-driven individuals to become an Elite Leader in network marketing. Join our journey!

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you join, grow and become a leader in Network Marketing. Through our Network Marketing leadership program, we offer invaluable resources in the form of one-on-one coaching, training, mentorship, global events, leadership-development programs, and online education opportunities. 

Financial Freedom

The new-age of network marketing is by far the single best business model for creating passive income, allowing an individual that is prepared to work at it the ultimate victory to financial freedom. But there is a formula to choosing the right company and creating success. Part of that formula is who you decide to partner with in this venture.

Proven Plan

We can help you through the process of building this business without making the mistakes that we have made along the way. Through our Network Marketing leadership program, we have created an easy to follow training system that you can use at your own pace. 

Industry Leaders

Imagine having  industry experts of network marketing personally hold your hand and walk you through your road-map to success. A group to keep you consistent and on track. To be your cheering section, encouraging you as you learn and grow your business. It’s all possible with TEL. 


Not only you’ll be receiving leadership and support from The Elite Leaders (TEL) from the very first day of your network marketing journey, you will also have access to weekly training calls, live events, sit-downs, Facebook groups, and everything else you’ll need to succeed at this business.


Endless Support

Receive one-on-one training, help and support from experts in network marketing. Build your business the right way and avoid making common mistakes. Training are available in person, on the phone, online or by attending exclusive events.


Impact Lives

By joining The Elite Leaders not only you'll be improving your own life, but you'll be also be impacting lives of other people globally. Meet new people and improve their lives by helping them become an entrepreneur.



Learn how to effectively become a leader not just for yourself but also other entrepreneurs that are part of your network marketing organization. Build a strong relationship with everyone and share your knowledge and wisdom to help them grow their business.


Personal Growth

Tap into your hidden potentials, your life purpose, values and beliefs through personal development and growth tools and resources. Adopt new habits, learn new skills and set goals for your network marketing business and other areas of your personal life.

Enjoy the Journey

This won’t be easy – as no entrepreneurial journey is … but with this opportunity, the cards are stacked in your favor. You’re able to create the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of while enjoying the journey. Will it be easy? Of course not but it will definitely be worth it! Follow our Network Marketing leadership footprint working with our team. If you’re serious about building a business and creating long term financial and time freedom, then connect with our leaders to discuss details. 

Reach Your Goals

What makes The Elite Leaders (TEL) a great network marketing group? We understand that people want many different things from Network Marketing—that it’s not a one-size-fits-all business. We really listen to what you want to accomplish, then through our values, we work with you to establish an action plan to reach your goals. As your coach, business partner and friend, working with our Network Marketing leadership training and support, TEL can help you develop the focus and drive you need to succeed!


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