The 40-40-40 Plan and Why You Should Avoid It?

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The 40-40-40 Plan

I just got back from a 5 stars Leadership Incentive Trip. We were pampered from the minute we checked in to the minute we checked out.

Beautiful 5 stars restaurants with no price tags. Abundant 5 stars qualify food. Overflowing alcoholic drinks. Unlimited lobster tails. Oh yes.

Right there in the beautiful turquoise beach of beautiful Cancun, I gave myself a heartfelt gratitude and thank myself for stepping up, being my own hero and rescuing my miserable self out of the rat race a handful years ago.

My mentor once asked me: do you know the definition of bravery? I immediately thought of Mel Gibson in the movie Braveheart or Gerard Butler in the movie 300.

But his answer really struck on me. Bravery is not just applicable to war time. Bravery is when someone shows up EVERYDAY to a job they hate, a boss they despise; faces their fear of not making enough money, of being laid off while trading away their precious time on earth and waiting patiently an entire year for a 3% raise.

That IS a form of bravery. And it doesn’t end until your life ends. It’s the famous 40-40-40 plan that most people participate in.

Working for 40 hours a week. For 40 years. To retire on 40% of the income that barely gets you to the end of the month without sweating bullets.

If you love your job, kudos to you! The saying is still true. If you do what you love, you don’t work a day in your life.

Be Your Own Hero, Rescue Yourself From the Rat Race!

But if you hate your job, instead of facing your fear as an employee every day, try facing the fear of an entrepreneur. It’s the same amount of fear and it takes the same courage. But being an entrepreneur will free your spirit and will teach you skills like leadership, commitment and transparency. 

So…. Step up! BECOME YOUR OWN HERO! And rescue yourself from the rat race. Life isn’t about fearing Mondays, dying every day inside to look forward to the weekend.

Life is more than that. Trust me! I’ve been where you are. I did it. I can show you how.

About The Author

Quynh Mai

Quynh Mai

Quynh is an entrepreneur, world-traveler and a multi six-figure income earner in Network Marketing. She has been in the industry for over 15 years and has build some of the largest network marketing organizations around the world.

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