Build a Sustainable and Scalable Network Marketing Business Following a Simple System, Working Privately With Industry Leaders and Coaches.


The Elite Leaders (TEL) is a group of global forward-thinking  entrepreneurs and professionals with one simple mission; to become a leader in fast-growing world of network marketing and to help as many people achieve the same goal along the way.

Our mission is to help you join, grow and become a leader in Network Marketing. Through our Network Marketing leadership program, we offer invaluable resources in the form of one-on-one coaching, training, mentorship, global events, leadership-development programs, and online education opportunities. 

Home Business

Build your business from home or on the go around your schedule

Global Business

Global business, founded and operated by industry experts in U.S.A

Tax Benefits

Receive over 300 home based business tax benefits and savings

Personal Coaching

Receive unlimited coaching, training and support from industry experts

Our Values


We Lead By Example

As a leader, part of your job is to inspire the people around you to push themselves to greatness. To do this, you must show them the way by doing it yourself.


We Invest In You

It’s a well-known practice that if you invest in other people and give them the freedom to grow, they will be able to build something amazing!

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We Honor Trust

The Elite Leaders values is an achievement of trust. The first job of a leader is to inspire trust and build it daily. Great leaders know that trust must be given if it's going to be earned.


We Show Appreciation

Everyone wants to be valued and appreciated and recognized for who they are. As a leader, you must find ways to recognize and reward people when they do great work.


The Elite Leaders are committed to work hard and be productive. We work constantly to replace unproductive habits for productive habits, value time, and our team's time above anything.


The Elite Leaders have total professional knowledge of the Network Marketing Leadership and Industry. We know what it takes to succeed in Network Marketing and we teach others how to do it.


The Elite Leaders are transparent. We never use others for our own benefits. We focus on the long term success instead of short term productivity. We don't teach things we haven’t done ourselves.


The Elite Leaders are constantly learning and growing. We spend time to improve our skills and improve ourselves. We use every contact with our team as an opportunity to teach and grow.

Financial Freedom

The new-age of network marketing is by far the single best business model for creating passive income, allowing an individual that is prepared to work at it the ultimate victory to financial freedom. But there is a formula to choosing the right company and creating success. Part of that formula is who you decide to partner with in this venture.

Proven Plan

We can help you through the process of building this business without making the mistakes that we have made along the way. Through our Network Marketing leadership program, we have created an easy to follow training system that you can use at your own pace. 

Industry Leaders

Imagine having  industry experts of network marketing personally hold your hand and walk you through your road-map to success. A group to keep you consistent and on track. To be your cheering section, encouraging you as you learn and grow your business. It’s all possible with TEL. 


Not only you’ll be receiving leadership and support from The Elite Leaders (TEL) from the very first day of your network marketing journey, you will also have access to weekly training calls, live events, sit-downs, Facebook groups, and everything else you’ll need to succeed at this business.

We Strive to Bring Out the Best in You

We recognize and reward good work. We help people believe they can succeed in network marketing through our network marketing leadership. We provide feedback and coach our people through their mistakes. We empower our team to take responsibilities and grow to become an Elite leader in network marketing. 


In order to ensure maximum benefit and attention,
we only take a limited number of applicants to join our team.
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